The Carmel Valley Community Youth Center (CVCYC) volunteer Board of Directors manages and finances the two-acre CVCYC property which includes ourCVCYCSatelliteViewPool

  • Pool
  • Cafe
  • Hall building, patio & barbeque
  • Parking lot for CVCYC events and pool
  • Children’s playground

Started in 1952, a group of residents acquired land and developed facilities for family, civic and youth activities. CVCYC has been sustained and improved by the community for 63 years.

CVCYC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit youth-education organization (for-public-interest, tax-exempt), privately funded through annual membership dues, donations, and retail-use fees. We are adjacent to Carmel Valley Community Park, a separate Monterey County Special District with its own property and elected Board of Directors.

Our Board’s mandate is to provide facilities for youth and civic educational, athletic, social, recreational and cultural uses. Our assets are privately held in trust for community benefit.

We encourage everyone to become annual members to support the efforts of CVCYC in providing a safe, familiar, affordable and entertaining place for families.

Your support makes a difference!

2017 Board of Directors:

President               David Cummings

Treasurer               Dave Burbidge

Secretary                Stephanie Miller

Board Member      Bud Carlson

Board Member       Ed Lake

Board Member       Susan Augustitus